Participation and Training


Participation in the Scheme is open to all Corporate and Individual Members of Consulting Surveyors National. All staff from those Consulting Surveying Practices will need to complete the appropriate levels of Continuing Occupational Education (COE) to satisfy the requirements of the Professional Standards Council under the Scheme.

All Consulting Surveyors (firms and individuals) falling under the CSN Constitution Definition, which has been derived from  definition of a Surveyor and the range of activities they might perform, are eligible to participate in the Scheme.


This includes all of the traditional measurement activities that a Surveyor would perform as well as the planning and management of development.


As a participant in the Scheme you will be required to complete the required amount of Continuing Occupational Education (COE) as outlined in the Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) COE Policy.


For a (corporate and/or individual) member to participate in the Scheme they must:

  1. Become a member of Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) and must abide by the Association's Code of Ethical Conduct at all times.

  2. Be covered by a PI Insurance policy and meet the requirements of the CSN Professional Indemnity Insurance Standards.

  3. Complete the Scheme Admin Form and return to Consulting Surveyors Admin.

ALL existing CSN members MUST either elect to participate OR be exempt from the Scheme by filling in the appropriate sections of the Scheme Admin Form.



A requirement of the Scheme is for all Individual Members and ALL STAFF of Corporate Members to the receive the appropriate levels of Continuing Occupational Education (COE) specifically in Risk Management as outlined in the Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) COE Policy.

Approved training provider Consulting Surveyors Campus has been established to deliver the required COE. Topics covered under the training will include:   

  • Professionalism and Ethics     

  • Liability and Professional Indemnity

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Risk Management   

  • Record Keeping, Document Control 

  • Operational and Process Risk Management    

  • Cyber Security Management 

  • Purpose, Limitations and Accuracy of Surveys and Equipment 

  • Responsibility of Signing Plans

  • Corporations Act, Human Resources, Obligations Under Other Legislation


To enrol for the training , please complete the form below:

Template COE Participant Details form