Overseas Qualification Assessment

Do you need your overseas qualification assessed?

Consulting Surveyors National offers a qualification assessment service for those people who have obtained an overseas surveying qualification and wish to get this assessed for equivalency to Australian qualifications. This service determines whether or not overseas qualifications are equivalent to a Diploma in Surveying from an Australian TAFE (Tertiary Education Institute)

The assessment process undertaken to determine whether an applicant with an overseas qualification is equivalent to a Diploma of Surveying from an Australian TAFE was reviewed and approved by the Surveyor-General and Board or Surveying and Spatial Information, New South Wales in 2016.

Any person wishing to apply for a qualification assessment by Consulting Surveyors National needs to complete the form below and provide / note the following:

  1. Applications need to be in electronic media formats, such as .pdf, WORD files, .jpg, etc
  2. Applications must be as complete as possible and any documents in a foreign language must have a translation which has been certified.  Scanned copies of Tertiary Certificates or Diplomas must similarly have been certified by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent.
  3. The list of courses (subjects) undertaken for a Tertiary qualification should be shown in an Academic Transcript. It is always helpful for the assessors if the actual content (week-by-week topics covered) of a course (subject) is included.
  4. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the applicant must accompany each application.
  5. The CV should include examples of companies worked for, dates of employment and tasks undertaken (for example, the Sydney Harbour Bridge) and also the level of involvement of the applicant (for example: lead a field party of 2 persons, responsible for single-second theodolite observations, undertook reduction of observations in office, set out pylon locations etc).
  6. A fee of $825 AUD is applicable for each assessment.

Once assessed, CSN will provide the applicant with a concise determination of whether the qualification meets the Australian criteria or not. Written advice as to the outcome will be provided, noting if that an applicant falls 'just short' of meeting the criteria, advice may be provided on how to upgrade the standard of the qualification.


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Any enquiries regarding the assessment program should be directed to Abigail Lius on 02 9054 6867.

PLEASE NOTE:  This assessment service is for assessing whether an overseas qualification is equivalent to an Australian Diploma in Surveying.  For an assessment which determines if an overseas degree qualification is equivalent to an Australian surveying degree, please contact CRSBANZ.