Industry Research

To ensure any current or potential issues faced by the surveying profession can be accurately and effectively resolved, CSN is committed to undertaking quality nationwide industry research. 

The Association has commissioned research into industry trends, with this research then used to formulate action plans and strategies for the resolution of issues raised. 

We have also provided research from other organisations which are relevant to the surveying profession. 

   2020 "The Health of the Australian Construction Industry" Research Report by Melbourne         Law School, University of Melbourne


   The Construction industry in Australia generates over A$360 billion in revenue, producing around
   9% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. In 2019, over 1.15 million people were employed in
   the construction industry (being 9.0% of the Australian workforce). Governments at all levels
   spend a significant amount on construction and infrastructure and this amount is increasing.

   Given this landscape, it is appropriate to pause and consider the health of the Australian
   construction industry. This research project did just that. The authors’ intention was to ‘take the
   temperature’ of the industry and identify areas which might benefit from further research and
   consideration, with a view to maximising the prospects of the community, and the industry,
   enjoying the best return it can on the very significant investment made in the industry.

   Read the full report here



2018 "Determining the Future Demand, Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying and Geospatial Professional" by BIS Oxford Economics

Prepared for Consulting Surveyors National, the report provides a thorough analysis of the critical and far reaching issues surrounding the demand and supply of surveying and geospatial professionals – issues which have a profound effect on the property and construction industry and Australia’s present and future economy.

With the potential to reshape the profession, legislation and future surveying education, media and government representatives will be attending the launch to fully understand and discuss the implications of this research.

As a key business owner and stakeholder in the Surveying profession, be part of this discussion to lead and shape your industry and ensure the longevity of the construction and property industry.

The focus will be on how the profession and government tackles significant workforce gaps, which are severely impacting private house commencements, utilities and transport construction, multi-residential and non-residential buildings, plus mining and heavy industry construction.

          Read the full report here





2016 PwC Report into the Value and Benefits of Registering Land Surveyors

Commissioned by CSN in late 2016, the outcome of this research clearly shows that the risks associated with removing a registration system are great. Confidence in the Australian land tenure system, which supports the efficiency of the Australian economy, stems from maintaining the integrity of the cadastre. A licensed surveyor is imperative to the conservation of this integrity.

To read the PwC report into the value of the Land Surveyors Registration system, click here.





2014 BIS Shrapnel Report identifies shortfall in Surveyor Numbers & Updated Skills Gap Study For Surveyors and Geospatial Professionals 2014-2024:

Commissioned by CSN, the latest BIS Shrapnel research report into the shortfall in future Surveyor numbers paints a very real picture of the state of Surveying around Australia. The initial study conducted by BIS Shrapnel in 2012 identified that the overall demand for surveying skills is generally correlated with the construction cycle. Therefore the predicted pick-up in construction in the next decade will lead to increased demand for surveying skills. This, combined with a lower existing workforce due to aging, will open up a workforce gap for all surveying and surveying-related professionals. This initial report presented a workforce capability analysis for planned and forecast development requirements across Australia and in New South Wales and Victoria, with the updated report expanding this analysis to cover South Australia and Queensland.

This will help ensure that workforce planning of constituent members is informed by the most current data, and up-to-date information is available for use with industry stakeholders and tertiary providers across Australia.



To read the Updated Skills Gap Study for Surveyors and Geospatial Professionals 2014-2024 please click here.

To access the original 2012-2022 Report, please click here and a Media Release on this study can be accessed here.