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Re-watch the Webinar Risk Management and the Professional Standards Scheme

Monday 14, Sep 2020

The key statutory objective of the Scheme is to monitor, enforce, and improve professional standards of its members for the protection of consumers of professional services.  The Scheme will achieve these results through the compulsory ongoing Continuing Occupational Education that will have a primary focus on Risk Management Training and Professional Ethics.

Members who are part of the scheme will, by association, be held in a higher regard among the community because of the higher levels of professional performance, service delivery and competence.
Participants in the Scheme will be able to create a place of preferred employment for professionals who have high professional standards and expectations.

Improved standards will reduce the risk of error or negligence and the loss associated through that error or negligence.  Those practices that participate in the Scheme will be able to demonstrate to their clients the true value of a professional service.

Watch the webinar HERE